the six & two threes story

where did this all start?

My name is Dan Hartropp and I run six & two threes. Before six & two threes I worked in the civil service for over a decade – mostly in the Home Office and I mostly worked on immigration. My time in the civil service gave me a fantastic insight into how government works, what ministers want and how legislation is made. I was also able to work in some very complex and high pressure operational environments, where I developed a specialism in finding simple, data-driven solutions to complex problems. Six & two threes is all about combining both halves of my previous career by using data driven techniques to create better public affairs campaigns. If you’re wondering what all this has to do with workshop facilitation, then skip to the bottom of the page to find out!

ministers and legislation

The first half of my civil service career was spent working with ministers and taking legislation through parliament. I started in DEFRA working on a private member’s Bill and then had a number of private office roles, which brought me in to contact with cabinet ministers (including five Home Secretaries) , judges, senior civil servants and the occasional prime minister. I also had a lot of exposure to parliament, working on pretty much every Immigration Bill in the last decade. This gave me a deep understanding of the reality of political processes – including where the power really lies and what people really want (as opposed to what they say they want).

operational policy

From processing asylum claims to fixing immigration queues at Heathrow, one of the things that makes government work interesting is the massive scale of operations. When you add in the pressure of intense public and media scrutiny, you get a fascinating and highly complex environment. I developed something of a specialism in using large scale data to solve operational problems. Often the quickest way to understand a complex problem is to look at the numbers and the only way to improve something is to measure it.

data driven public affairs

six & two threes combines the political and data-driven halves of my civil service career by using analytical techniques to produce more effective campaigns. By taking the guesswork and assumption out of public affairs work, we can get better results more quickly. A lot of the work involved in running a successful public affairs campaign can also be automated, which saves my clients time and money. You can read more about the benefits of applying my data driven approach to your campaigns here.

workshops and meetings

My data driven approach to public affairs can deliver incredibly powerful results but (as with all things in life) you need to start by understanding what you are trying to achieve. One element of my approach to public affairs is to run strategy workshops with clients that need a bit of help clarifying what they are trying to achieve. I get great feedback on my workshops – so much so that I also offer workshop facilitation as a service in its own right. So if you need to find a simple solution a complex operational problem, if you want to take a strategic look at the year ahead or if you need to prioritise your budget more effectively, then get in touch because my workshops can help you.

We’re now flipping our tools on their head and, rather than using them to process large amounts of information for a single client, we’re doing for lots of clients … and making the results available completely free. We’re monitoring all EU Institutions, stakeholders and media and put our subscribers in control of what they want to hear about. Head over to to set up a free monitoring report.

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