data driven public affairs


Stay up to date with what’s happening with our unique monitoring service. All the news you need to know, from high quality sources.


Our unique data-driven service can give you a competitive advantage and help you get more from your relationships.

find hidden patterns

Sometimes it’s not obvious which issues politicians care about or why. We can help make sure you don’t miss something important by analysing what people say and do, not just which groups they belong to.


get beyond keywords

We live in a complex world, issues interrelate and nuance matters. Keyword driven monitoring can only take you so far, so we crunch millions of speeches and questions to show you the context , as well as the keywords.


see the trend

Knowing what mattered in the past helps you understand what will matter in the future. It can be hard to step back and see the bigger picture while staying focussed on the detail, but our analytical approach makes it simple.


compare and contrast

Not all alliances are easy to spot. We can build a comprehensive demographic, biographic and geographic picture of who you should be talking to – and who you shouldn’t.


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