Today, parliament is dissolved and we head full tilt towards a general election. But there are 86 sitting MPs who are not standing for re-election and will not be returning to the House of Commons.

Between them, they have a staggered 1,671 years of experience in parliament. Yes, I know – I had to double check the figure too – one thousand, six hundred and seventy one years of parliamentary experience. Thirty nine of them have been government ministers at some point during their career and forty four are members of the Privy Council.

Sadly, the six & two threes data banks don’t have records that go back far enough to span the careers of everyone who is standing down, so we’ve only looked at the last ten years or so – but here’s a little data-driven look at what will be missing from the House of Commons when it is next called to order after the general election.

Click on the image below and select “presentation mode” to see the infographic in its full glory.